How to delete cookies, clear your cache, and wipe your history in Internet Explorer

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By now, regular readers are familiar with the many benefits of clearing their web browsing history and cookies. They also know how to delete their site preferences and other data stored by Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome. We hope these guides give users peace of mind and help them optimize their web browsing experiences.
But our work is never done. Acknowledging that reality, we now turn to another web browser from which users might want to safeguard their information. Here are some steps on how you can clear your browser history, cookies, and cache in Internet Explorer.
Clearing Your Cache and Cookies
Open a new window in Internet Explorer. Near the top-right corner of the display window, you will see an icon shaped like a gear. This is the Tools icon. Click it.
A drop-down menu will appear from the Tools icon. Hover over Safety and select Delete browser history… in the secondary menu that displays.
Source: University of Wisconsin-Madison KnowledgeBase
Uncheck Preserve Favorites website data, check Temporary Internet Files and Cookies, and click Delete. This will clear both your cache and your cookies.
Sometimes the steps provided above don’t clear all your cookies and other cached information. You can remove these persistent files in Internet Explorer 10 and lower (But we’ve all upgraded, right?) by clicking the Tools icon, selecting F12 developer tools, and clicking Clear browser cache…. Don’t forget to click “Yes” to confirm!

Source: University of Wisconsin-Madison KnowledgeBase
You can also choose to block cookies on Internet Explorer by navigating from the Tools icon to Internet options, selecting the Privacy tab, choosing Advanced under Settings, and specify you want to block first- and third-party cookies.
View and Delete Your Browser History
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Open a new window in Internet Explorer. Near the top-right corner of the display window next to the Tools icon, you will see an icon shaped like a star. This is the Favorites icon. Click it.
Select History and choose how much of your browsing history you’d like to clear before hitting Delete.
Source: wikiHow
Alternatively, you can navigate to Tools > Safety > Delete browsing history… > and select History and Download History before hitting Delete.
Stay tuned for a guide on how to protect your privacy in yet another web browser!


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